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Signal systems - is a reliable protection of cottages, a country house!  

While a country house is being built, it is impossible to disregard a question on its protection. Certainly, it is possible to get a sentry dog or to build a huge concrete wall before an entrance, but it is necessary not to forget about more modern way security-signal system.

At a choice of system of protection it is necessary to be guided by the greatest efficiency for your concrete house and adjoining territory.

In some cases special gauges are put on all doors and windows in the house, which are necessary to establish control. Infra-red gauges of movement and presence, gauges of the broken glass, magnetic-contact and vibrating gauges are usually used. While using a telephone line or a computer transfer of the information is carried out from gauges on the control board.

Gauges of movement are intended for the basic control over territory which directly adjoins the entrance in the house. At each occurrence of a moving object in a controllable zone the gauge sends a signal on a control panel. Modern devices give an opportunity to program detectors of a similar kind so that they could not react to movement of pets.

Proceeding from the fact, that the principle of work of such gauges is based on recognition of infra-red radiation some models which have not achieved perfection, at sharp change of an ambient temperature can submit an alarm signal. Therefore it is better to entrust a choice of security means of your country house and their installation to experts. Orientation of gauges of broken glasses is directed on comparison of a spectrum of sounds which accompany with glass-damage, with a spectrum of caught noise. The gauge turns the signal system on, if the given spectra coincide.

Some of the gauges of similar type possess two levels of work. At first level the impact on glass is fixed, and at second one- breaking of glass is fixed directly. The alarm signal turns on in that case, when the time interval between receipt of these two signals on the gauge makes less than 150 mk/s.

Magnetic-contact gauges are used for installation on windows and doors more often. This device is simple enough, and the installation does not take plenty of time. Such gauges concern to the category of the cheapest, therefore to increase a degree of protection of a premise it is possible to establish on two detectors, connected among themselves, on each door or a window.

To install such a gauge on an opening part of a window or a door it is necessary to attach a magnet of the small size. The glass tubule with sealed-in tight contact in it is installed on a door box or a frame on the opposite side. When the window or a door opens, the magnet starts to leave a tubule, thus there is a disconnection, and the gauge turns on.

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