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Systems and devices of the video-control  

Systems and devices of the video-control have received development in connection with creation of tiny video-cameras and video-recorders. First of all, it enables realization of operative record of a video information, its transfer on big enough distances and the analysis in real time.

Inter-communication system devices

The video intercommunication system is a door intercom with the built in television camera and small wall monitor with a trunk-call tube which allows to see directly the visitor, what essentially raises safety of your habitation. It also allows opening the lock to let in the visitor in distance.

All video-door intercommunication systems function equally: by pressing the button of a call on the door panel the monitor located indoors, gives a call signal and on its screen there is an image of the visitor facing to a door is shown. The television image remains on the screen 10...20seconds, if you have not lifted the receiver, is automatically switched-off. If a tube has been removed, the image is saved for all time of negotiating with the visitor.

In a mode "monitoring", it is possible to watch conditions behind a closed door during certain time. The infra-red gaffer installed on the door panel allows television cameras "to see" at night, that enables normally to supervise a zone before your door even in absence of illumination on a ladder platform.

Television door eyes

The door video-eye is the tiny special television camera intended for remote supervision over conditions before an entrance door of an apartment, a summer residence, office on the screen of the monitor.  From lateral aspect of a door it does not differ from a usual door eye.

Television door eyes have a various design and are intended for installation on doors of various type. Installation of a video-eye on a metal or wooden door is made similarly to installation of a usual door eye. Except for a video-eye it is possible to install a hidden video-camera.

A hidden television video-camera

The most reliable way of reception of the necessary information is a hidden television video-camera. "Without the case" and tiny TV-cameras of the black-and-white or color image are used. Such video-cameras provide hidden video-control of premise, a stair-case, an entrance door, etc. are absolutely imperceptible, informative and safe way of supervision. These cameras, as a rule, are completed with an objective with the taken out door-eye. Because of the small sizes of an entrance eye of an objective, masking "without the case"   and tiny TV-cameras can be the most various: in an entrance door, in panels of intercoms, boards and devices of illumination and the signal system, etc.


Tiny TV-cameras with replaceable objectives provide:

  • Supervision through entrance apertures in diameter from 0,3 up to 1,2 mm with a corner of a field of vision up to 110;
  • The high sensitivity, allow to see much better than a human eye in darkness.
  • Installation on any elements of an interior owing to small overall dimensions of a television camera;
  • Transfer the video-image on wires, an optic -fiber cable and on a radio channel
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