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Legitimacy of use of the weapon by a private security guard  

Employees of the private security enterprise, by virtue of specificity of the job, are allocated with the right of carrying and application of the service weapon in those cases which are regulated by clauses of law of the Russian Federation.

As the service weapon it is authorized to use only domestic short trunk fire pistols and revolvers. At execution of their duties carrying the service weapon with the unloaded drum or reel, and also without installation on a safety lock and without a holster (for service pistols and revolvers) is forbidden to private security guards.

Employees of the private security enterprise (security guards and bodyguards) have the right to use the service weapon in following cases:

  • For reflection of an attack if his own life or life of the protected person is in danger;
  • For reflection group or armed attacks on protected object if this attack cannot be reflected by other means;
  • For suppression of attempts to take hold of the service weapon of the security guard or the bodyguard; 
  • For detention of persons who were caught on a place of a crime and rendering armed resistance

Before application of fire-arms the security guard should warn about the intentions, including, a precautionary shot in air. Thus it is necessary to give some time for performance of the requirements, except for cases when delay in application of the weapon creates danger to a life or health of the security guard or can cause other heavy consequences.

Under the law the private security guard bears the criminal and administrative responsibility for application of the weapon with excess of the given powers, emergency and necessary defense. Employees of the private security enterprise are forbidden to use the service weapon concerning women, invalids and minors, except for those situations when the specified persons participate in armed attack or show resistance. Also application of the weapon is considered wrongful at the big congestion of people where innocent people can suffer.

Employees of the private security enterprise are obliged to inform law-enforcement bodies in a place of application of the weapon about an application of fire-arms immediately. In case of death of people or causing of physical injuries the security guard also should notify law-enforcement bodies and bodies of public health services. After application of the weapon, in case of need, the security guard or the bodyguard are obliged to render pre-medical medical aid to the persons who have received physical injuries.

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