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Mobile phone - is the traitor  

Going for business negotiations, you will not invite the representative of a contestant firm, especially, if it is a trade secret or the favorable contract. Taking a mobile phone on a meeting, you risk inviting the competitor in "inner sanctum" of your business. You have an opportunity to tell the competitor personally, that the nobility is not necessary for it, also, to designate your location, in general, to give food for reflection. And if you, following a proverb "never look a gift horse in the mouth", with gratitude have accepted this mobile out of caring hands of the ill-wisher, certainly not from the obvious one, lovely smiling, you can be sure that you don't have secrets anymore.

What is it connected with?

Everything is very simple. There are the latent functions in mobile phones allowing during the certain moment to transform your phone in listening device, which is, having activated this function, it is possible to hear everything what is spoken in a room. As your phone is accustomed time in half an hour to contact base, completely giving out your site. In specially made models there is a weight of additional functions, including the control of SMS-MESSAGES.

For the information: conversations on cellular telephones in the USA are kept for 6 years. The information received thus, is often used in criminal cases and interests of the state.

Industrial espionage exists from time immemorial and brings the enormous income, both to separate persons, and the whole countries. With development of scientific and technical progress methods of reception of the interesting information are improved also. The Mobile phone takes far not last place in sources of information leakage.

What is to be done, if confidentiality is necessary to you? Completely disconnect a mobile phone, and also to use special models with support of enciphering.

Swindle with cellular telephones.

 By means of the special equipment (scanners) the swindler intercepts identifying signal of your phone to which that answers inquiry of base station. Allocates from it identification numbers MIN (mobile identification number which bring in a microchip of phone at connection to a cellular communication system), ESN (electronic serial number which is coded in a microchip of phone at its manufacturing) and will reprogram these numbers on itself. As a result, a person from whom numbers have been stolen pays for conversations from such phone. Scanning happens in places of the big congestion of people. For a small time interval, owing to mobility of the equipment, the swindler can fill memory of the device with a lot of numbers.

The most dangerous device considers being so-called cellular cash-boxing representing a combination of the scanner, a computer and a cellular telephone. Having used pair MIN and ESN once, it erases it from memory and chooses another, to make a revealing of swindle practically impossible. Fortunately, such equipment still very seldom meets and costs expensively, but it already exists and represents real danger

Effective method of protection is enciphering MIN ESN of number together with a voice signal on casual algorithm.

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