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The characteristic of a criminal element and his tactics  

One of the basic features in character of the professional criminal is low act. The more finely the criminal, the more he is meanly. On meanness all tactics of the underworld entirely consisting of various dodges, deceits and cunnings are constructed. The so-called approaches so often used in attacks and fights of hooligans, originate from the same source. Despite of idealization of the robber not only parkway writers, but also such classics: as Schiller and Pushkin, modern criminal has nothing romantic.


But we shall return to tactics of the underworld and we shall look how it is shown in conditions of usual street collision.



The approach

You go along the street in quiet, complacent mood, suddenly you're sharply pushed. You turn around and see impudent type which starts to offend you. You should pass from words to actions,  you are ready to strike him, but suddenly... The enemy surprisingly makes a helpless gesture and, addressing to you in the most restrained tone, speaks approximately following: « I beg you, leave me alone, in fact I was not talking to you... », or, specifying with a finger aside: «what is it behind your back?» You're taken aback for a minute you are disarmed by this unexpected humility. During the same moment you receive the horrible impact on a jaw and fall on a roadway. In some minutes the militiaman or compassionate passers-by would pick you up, and you will find out, that pockets are empty or at the best if it was "entertainment" from the hooligan, and you have got off a temporary mutilation.


That is the tactics of a criminal element in hand-to-hand fight on the street and the fair person cannot have any tactics in similar cases at all. You have taken on cunning, on the so-called approach. This is a usual phenomenon among criminals. «Beat firstly and unexpectedly» - simple tactics to which they invariable adhere. But how could it be executed?  They have an approach for this purpose: your attention is distracted with any word or gesture, even for a second - and it is quite enough for it.



As you can see, there is no romanticism in the present hand-to-hand fight with «a suspicious element».


In novels and theatres elegant mister romantically announces to the impudent person, that he is going to teach him a good lesson. The actor keeps the promise, and the crowd applauds fine gesture, but... It is in theatres only. In real life such cases are extremely rare. It is necessary to be very confident in the forces and sympathies of crowd (by the way, very changeable) to afford such romantic behaviour. And the criminal knows, that hand-to-hand fight begins suddenly, and could take unexpectedly dangerous turn owing to that a victim has appeared to be strong and dexterous, either has snatched out the weapon, or has suddenly found help in people who can press the criminal.


From A.N.Medvedev's book

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