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The restrictions established on a turnover of the civil and service weapon  

Basis of legislative restrictions of a turnover of the civil and service weapon attributes and make characteristics which presence causes reference of corresponding subjects to other species group(the fighting weapon). The establishment of declared items 6 of Federal Law «About the weapon» restrictions of its turnover on territories of the Russian Federation is connected with necessity of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of a unlimited circle of persons.


On the territory of the Russian Federationthe turnover of the civil and service weapon is forbidden:


1) fire long-trunk weapon with capacity of drum (reel) more than 10 patrons, a trunk having length or length of a trunk with a trunk-box less than 500 mm and the general length of the weapon less than 800 mm (for example, even known in far away countries, and in a number of the states displayed on the state symbolic АКМ is far from an easy approach for ordinary citizens and can remain a subject of their dreams only. At the same time it does not mean an interdiction on purchase of subjects, is constructive with it similar, however having basic tactic-technical differences),

And also having a design, which allows making its length less than 800 mm and thus the opportunity of manufacture of a shot is not lost. In particular, the law purchase of a gun for hunting is not forbidden, but transformation of the last in обрез (in the best traditions of a genre of a domestic cinema about civil war) can entail the fatal consequences expressed not only in confiscation of a subject of your "work", but also forwarding in «places not so remote»


2) fire-arms which has the form simulating other subjects. In Criminalistics, such subjects are called as the atypical weapon as which good illustration samples of canes act, umbrellas, pens with the adaptations built in them for conducting shooting;


3) The fire smooth-bore weapon made under patrons to fire-arms with a cut trunk;


4) Boomerangs and other weapon specially adapted for use as the subjects of great dispatch-splitting up and throwing action, except for sports shells;


5) patrons with bullets of armor-piercing, incendiary, explosive or tracer action, and also patrons with shot shells for gas pistols and revolvers;


6) the weapon and other subjects, which action is based on the use of radioactive radiation and biological factors; electromagnetic, light, thermal, infra-sound or ultrasonic radiation and which have the target parameters exceeding sizes, established in the state standards of the Russian Federation and corresponding norms of federal enforcement authority in the field of public health services, and also the specified kinds of the weapon and subjects, about exhausted outside territory of the Russian Federation;


7) the gas weapon equipped  with nervously-paralytic, poisoning, and also other substances, not resolved to application of Ministry of Health and social development of Russia, and the gas weapon, capable to harm health of the person who is being on distance more 1 m (in average degree) ;


8) The weapon and patrons having the characteristics mismatching criminalistics requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia coordinated with federal enforcement authority in the field of standardization, metrology and certification;


9) fire "without a trunk" weapon of self-defense, electroshock devices and the spark arresters having target parameters, exceeding sizes established in the state standards of the Russian Federation and Russia corresponding the  norms of Ministry of Health and social development, and also the specified kinds of the weapon made outside territory of the Russian Federation;


10) cold weapon and knifes, and edges are automatically taken from the handle by pressing the button or the lever and are fixed by them, or are put forward due to a gravity or the accelerated movement and are automatically fixed, at length  of edges more than 90 mm (for example, knifes of type "butterfly", "foxes", etc.).


Established restrictions mention wide enough spectrum of human activity. Means not only a turnover of the weapon (purchase, storage and transfer), but also a number of other actions, which fulfillment can create preconditions of infringement of a normal status of a society (storage or use outside of sports objects of sports fire-arms with a cut trunk or the sports pneumatic weapon, sports cold and the throwing weapon, except for storage and use bows and  arbalests for carrying out of research and preventive works; transfer of the weapon; carrying by citizens of the weapon at carrying out of meetings, street processions, demonstrations, etc.) . Among the restrictions connected with a turnover of the weapon, installation on the civil and service weapon of adaptations for silent shooting (so-called mufflers) and sights (aim complexes) night vision, except for sights for hunting which order of use is established by the Government of the Russian Federation, and also their sale also is mentioned.


The list of the marked restrictions has exhaustive character.



From M.I.Petrov's book "The Weapon - purchase, storage, use "

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