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Crime and punishment... In a trading hall  

Modern security services possess enough of means for detection of dishonorable buyers. It is possible to calculate thieves by means of electronic systems of protection against thefts, systems of video observation and agents of security service in a trading hall. However to find out the thief is not enough, it is necessary to detain correctly and if necessary to pass the robber to law-enforcement bodies.

The most perfect means of prevention of thefts cannot work completely independently. Therefore the competent and diligent personnel are necessary for security service.


Among the most important qualities and professional skills of employees of security service it is necessary to allocate:

  • Ability to define the potential thief in a crowd of buyers;
  • Skill to conduct supervision over the suspicious client, not distracting on external provocations;
  • Adherence to principles and following to the order of the actions certain by a management;
  • Correct detention and presentation of claims to the visitor who has not paid the goods;
  • Knowledge of a legal minimum;
  • Observance of the order of registration and transfer of thieves to militia;
  • Extremely correct and polite behaviour with all buyers


The analysis of typical problems in work of employees of security service allows allocating some of the key aspects defining final efficiency of prevention of thefts;

  • Skill of operators of system of video observation to accompany with the client on all perimeter of a trading hall, operating several chambers;
  • Knowledge the personnel of characteristics of the video-equipment and electronic systems;
  • The organization of interaction between agents in a trading hall and the operator of video observation;
  • Skill of the hidden agents to observe of potential thieves, not drawing to itself attention;
  • Definition of the order of detention and presentation of claims to thieves on posts at an exit of a trading hall;
  • Knowledge of rules of behaviour at operation anti-thief systems



It is necessary to create such conditions in a trading hall, to make it possible to find out even professional thieves. Criminals should be revealed and stopped after crossing a line of cash departments in any case.

The robber, who has come to shop, differs from buyers the behaviour. At "work" he is alone, as a rule, behaves a little bit nervously, periodically looking back as though searches for someone in a trading hall. Moving of such person has chaotic enough and chaotic character. While the great bulk of visitors tries to bypass consistently a trading hall, the thief moves between racks with various kinds of the goods. Such behaviour of the client first of all should guard the operator of video observation or the agent in a trading hall. Having approached to a shelf with the goods, the thief very long considers and plays with the goods, perplexed looks back, as though searches, to whom it is possible to address for the help. Takes, returns on a place and again takes from a shelf the same thing. It is necessary to remember, that "the expert on thefts" extremely seldom hides the goods on a place, at a rack. More often the thief makes fraud in movement, in crowd or in the most secluded places of a trading hall. Here when professionalism of agents and the operator of system of video observation especially is required. However it is not enough to find out, that the client has hidden the goods, it is necessary to hold it under supervision all time of a finding in a hall, down to crossing a line of cash departments. There are cases, that during that moment when the thief has left from under "control", he gets rid of the goods and on an output at suspicious "buyer" nothing appears. It not only leads to occurrence of a disputed situation, but also influences image of shop in opinion of other clients.


The thieves working group, often play small scenes, for example:

  • The organization of the disorder: overturning of the goods, breaking bottles, presentation of claims to each other;
  • The conflict in occasion of payment of the goods on cash department;
  • Unreasonable complaints and charge of trading workers in non-professionalism

All this is done for derivation of attention of the personnel and protection from "the basic characters" which during this moment "work" in a trading hall. Therefore employees of security service should continue to carry out the basic duties, not distracting on extraneous irritations. All disputed situations are resolved by the chief of service or the senior security guard with attraction if necessary administrations of shop.



The line of cash departments is that place where the client is obliged to pay off for the goods chosen in a trading hall. Exception here consumption by the visitor of a product, perhaps, can be is direct in a trading hall of shop. In this case security guards should forward him at once to cash departments as it will be then difficult to find out weight and quantity of the goods even if the client will agree to pay it.

At detection of the fact of non-paying for the goods any employee of shop, irrespective of a post, can stop the visitor and ask him to lay out non- paid goods. Usually the security service or the employees of the private security enterprise employed for protection of shop is engaged in it.

Presence of one of three conditions suffices for presentation of official claims to the citizen who has not paid purchase: two witnesses of incident, precise video-recording of fulfillment of plunder, operation anti-thief systems. Observance of these conditions will allow showing the proved charge.

More often "buyer" voluntary shows what he has taken not having paid. According to the statistics resulted in the diagram so occurs in 63 % of cases, especially, when employees of safety are capable to specify a kind of the goods and a place where the offender has hidden it. Revealing at the citizen of not paid purchase gives the basis for a writing of the application concerning excitation of business on the fact of theft. The decision on actions concerning the detained buyer is accepted by the chief of security service. Here two variants are possible: to release the thief after payment of cost of the stolen goods by it or to address in militia for excitation of business.

If the detained visitor goes on the conflict, it is necessary to take him in a separate premise and to cause representatives of law-enforcement bodies for carrying out of examination and drawing up of the report. The confidence of security guards of the indications, and also threat of a call of militia forces thieves to go on cooperation with protection and to show the stolen goods. Remained (less than 10 %) from all detained clients it is possible to break on two categories.

1. Stolen the goods, but it is obstinate not wishing to admit it, as a rule assured in the impunity - 6-9 %.

2. The buyers detained by mistake, - 1-4 % (mistakes in protection work). However unreasonably detained clients go to 80 % of cases on normal contact to protection and allow examining the purchases which have caused suspicions

The heads of trading enterprises caring the clients and interested in high attendance of shop, supervise mistakes protection and aspire, that they did not exceed 1 %.


On the diagram distribution of reaction of clients to the request of protection is resulted to give out not paid goods. As we see, in most cases the competent approach of employees of the security service to a question of detention and presentation of claims to buyers allows to avoid disputed situations. The important rule - till the moment of detection of not paid goods words "thief" and "theft" should not sound. It will allow to save the "face" of trade enterprise in any case.


Interaction with authorities

So, the "non-paying" fact is established. The decision on transfer of the arrested person to militia for excitation of business on the fact of theft is accepted. We shall remind, that any employee of a supermarket can carry out transfer of the visitor who has not paid for the goods to law-enforcement bodies. The document in which it is necessary to specify who and under what circumstances has found out plunder for the beginning is necessary to make. In the document time of detention of the thief, and also his name should be specified. Besides it is necessary to make the information on cost of the goods stolen from shop and to write the application with the request to make arrested persons answerable.

At competent actions of security guards and correct registration of necessary documents business about plunder quickly enough reaches court where employees of a supermarket represent themselves as witnesses. As their presence is obligatory, necessary, that employees of safety accepted active participation in proceedings. On court representatives of shop should state in detail and confidently circumstances of an event where they were and that saw.

As shows an expert, the higher the percent of the affairs finished to court on thefts, the less interesting to pilferers a shop is. At the same time, if protection does not wish to spoil to nerves and lets arrested persons go in peace after payment of cost stolen, the rating of a supermarket among thieves instantly increases. The information quickly extends and acquires details. Professional thieves find out, where, when and how it is possible to steal and to not to be caught. And also how it is possible to press on protection or, that is absolutely unacceptable, "to agree with security guards in an amicable way ".

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