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Quotations PSE (private security enterprise) on illegal services  

This year, in May, in Moscow, in one of the entrances of the house along the Kuusennen street 50-years Sergey Prosnjakov corpse of former vice-president «RosinBank» has been found out. All attributes specified that murder was custom-made. During investigation operatives have found out that killers some days were observing a victim, studying its way of life, habits, routes of movement, etc. At last, having caught the man at an entrance, criminals smashed his head with metal rods. Three months later, Moscow detectives have established and detained murderers. They have appeared three security guards of capital private security enterprise "Hero-sports". This case is one of the latest among crimes in which appears PSE. There are also other examples. It is enough to recollect a sensational case concerning the security guard of security service of JuKoS Alexey Pitchugin accused of murder in November, 1998 of spouses Gorin and attempt for a life of the head of department on public relations of the mayoralty of Moscow Kostina. The correspondent «RК» has tried to find out, why there are possible similar incidents. It is remarkable, that in Association of assistance of detective and security activity «Svarog» where we have first of all applied to comment on the given examples, to us have refused to talk, referring that « "The werewolves" is everywhere » and it is senseless to write about it. It can be so, but hardly the similar approach to a problem will suit usual people who after such cases start to consider all private security guards as inveterate criminals.


For the information

According to militias statistics, now in Russia work nearly 18 thousand private security-detective structures. In comparison with the last year, their quantity has increased almost in 1,2 times (in 2003 in the country operated hardly less than 12 thousand PSE).


 Healthy - Suitable

According to the Russian law « About private detective and security activity » today any interested person can open private security firm, enough only to give in license-allowing system the certain package of documents and necessary medical information. Besides the active "anti-bureaucratic" struggle so the order of registration and documentary registration of the new enterprises is as much as possible simplified is now conducted in the country. So, as the security guard is the person, physically both mentally healthy and not having problems with the law, and also have training special preparation and possessing the certificate of the security guard can work. To founders of any requirements it is not shown at all, so real owner of PSE can become anybody - though the operating thief in the law.


For the information

According to statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on 18000 private security enterprises in Russia in a year it is necessary no more than 10 - 15 cases of the grave crimes connected with direct participation of security guards.


How much is criminal?

In the middle 90 in a town Pushkin, situated near Moscow, the large scandal connected with security guards of the customs terminal of joint venture " Molkom " has burst. So, in 1994 on the basis of the Pushkin Department of Internal Affairs the special division for protection of the joint venture, financed completely due to firm has been created. As the initiator the then head of the terminal Mr. Malkov, for that moment took 24th place in the list of the richest people of the states of the former USSR has acted. The staff of security service "Molkom" was totaled by forty persons. For what so powerful division of protection was really created is necessary to guess only: during next from checks in territory «Molkom» and it is direct in protection the huge quantity of not considered weapon was revealed, including 53 "assault" automatic devices, 200 grams of trotyl, 2 tapes of plastid and 20 pomp-guns.

The correspondent of "RК" on conditions of anonymity managed to talk to the head of one of the capital private security enterprises. As he said, all PSE share on four types: one are engaged only in protection of objects and patrolling, others carry out all spectrum of services, including illegal (operative activity, lobbying of the necessary criminal case in militia and Office of Public Prosecutor), the third - security services which carry out the same functions, only at them one client. At last, the fourth type of security structures - practically legalized criminal communities. For them protection - it is far not the main kind of activity. The similar organizations earn by committing crimes:  armed assaults and custom-made murders. Such PSE only on the territory of Moscow makes 5 % from their total. For employees of these structures the main thing -is an opportunity to carry the weapon. Frequently at such PSE guards have two guns. Registered - in a holster, the second pistol - is illegal. The last one will be used at fulfillment of a crime. As official security structure gangsters can raise some the skills in hand-to-hand to fight and shooting. Besides here there is an opportunity of «roof» on a legal basis, and given "service" is made out documentary, with observance of all necessary requirements. By the way, as people expert in a given question consider, "roof" to provide under covering of the firm, engaged rendering of information-consulting services easier. The license is not necessary for it, and the attitude from bodies of the law and order to it is more loyal - no inspections at all.


Here provisional quotations of PSE on illegal services:

find out the number of the car - 100 dollars,

Cellular telephone - 250 dollars,

Detailed elaboration of the mobile bill - 500 dollars,

Listening of the cellular operator at a level from the sanction of court - 500 dollars a day, without the sanction - 1500,

Gathering of materials for criminal case - from 1000 dollars,

Lobbying of business - from 1500 up to 40000 dollars,

Armed assault - from 5 thousand dollars up to 40 thousand,

Murder - from 10 thousand dollars,

Abduction of the person - from 20 thousand dollars


For the information

According to license-allowing system of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow, today in capital 3188 PSE, 406 security services, 30 detective agencies and 5 security-detective associations operate, in which  nearby 150 thousand licensed employees works  .

Is the client always right?

As chairman of board of the Coordination center of heads of security-detective structures Igor Goloshchapov considers, that today to create security firm for purposeful employment criminal is simply unprofitable. Now everyone who is engaged in security activity, without fail register by name, and shortly will probably enter obligatory "finger-printing" of the representatives of private power structures. More likely, it happens on the contrary. So, the style of work of PSE first of all depends on a spirit and skill of its head. For example», the former "committees" prefer to work basically with the analysis of the information. Those, who in the past served in « hot points », practice more resolute methods of job.

In opinion of Goloshjapov, frequently security guards are pushed to crimes… with the client. So, sometimes dear and provided "ward" demands from head of PSE, to put it mildly, incorrect methods of work. First of all it concerns to analysis so-called « economic disputes » and other disputed situations, for example, return of debts. Also cases when the client puts to security firm the ultimatum are frequent: or you solve my problems in any accessible way, or I change PSE. In the given situation only from the head of security firm depends, on what he will go for the sake of preservation of the client and, accordingly, profits. However, half-legal methods exist, the so-called «psychological pressure» upon the opponent. For example, the businessman urgently is recommended to arrive on a meeting to the competitor with maximal a lot of security guards (for this purpose people of especially impressive dimensions get out), or calls to the poor debtor at night, the veiled threats and other.

But it happens that «half-legal» measures of influence smoothly flow in illegal. According to «RК», the similar situation has occurred to PSE the "Mongoose-service", belonged capital company "Renova " under direction of Victor Vekselberg. In attempt to force to break off the Moscow lawyer Oleg Ukrazhenko defended the rights of deceived investors, employees of security firm, from his words, have not stopped before beating and the open threat by murder.

As if to so-called « black lists » the security structures which have been laid out, for example, on the Internet, it no more, than interstine struggle. And each head of security service has especially personal criteria on which he can bring any company-competitor in the mentioned list.

Employees of a criminal investigation department are assured that killers from "Vitjaz-sports" are guilty even of two murders of the businessmen accomplished in 2003 in territory of Southern district of capital. On recognition of detectives after detention of security guards of this PSE on investigatory-operative group has started to put pressure, however operatives are going to finish business.

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