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The private detective does not spy upon spouses  

We know all about job of private detectives. They are people who are engaged in shadowing wives and husbands, remove their adventures photo-and video-cameras, they establish different "bugs" and the latent video-cameras in offices and apartments at night. Still they deliver clients-businessmen the information on their competitors.


We know a lot about private detectives from American movies! Therefore, having seen the announcement of services of the private detective, we could not be kept not meeting this hero of book pages and movies.


The condition of our meeting was nondisclosure of his surname: he is not a public person and doesn't need popularity. Anatoly -is unique private detective in Surgut. For job he rents a cabinet in the private security enterprise. Having seen a spark of curiosity in my eyes, he has anticipated the first question: « I do not get into people's home life, I do not watch spouses-cheaters and in general I operate within the limits of the law on which nobody has the right to interfere with private human life without its consent ».



Detective without the good communications checked up by time in militia, in my opinion, all the same as the yard keeper in a ballet pack: who looks funny and nonsense. As it was found out, Anatoliy -is the pensioner of power structures, had been in hot points four times.


To the private detective in Surgut people go for the different reasons. Now, according to Anatoliy, he should often refuse performance of this or that order. The first place on refusals is the jealous spouses, the second -are citizens who unsuccessfully try "to beat out" money from the debtor. That people come with such problems, speaks only that they "have reconsidered" the western films about private detectives and do not know the Russian laws.


The considerable share from total of work is a search of the missing people and returning of the lost property. After gathering the information on criminal or to a civil case of the private detective, according to the law « About private detective and security activity », can hear in court, his indications are accepted as proofs on business.


And still there are firms, certainly, private and very solid which at employment of the employee can reserve to the private detective to check up, who their new worker is. It is natural, that thus the applicant for job in this firm inform on check, he with his own hand signs the document certifying, what not against intervention in his private life.


The special attention of Surgut citizens should be turned to a kind of the swindle popular recently, suffered from which people even more often address for the help of a detective. This kind of a crime is possible to name « rent-cheating ».



 It happens under the simple scheme: the swindler rents the apartment for a month, suppose, for eight thousand roubles. The owners, believed him, do not check documents of the tenant, and he   advertizes in delivery of an apartment the next day. Specifies number of the cellular telephone (this-map to which he has bought also under the announcement) and hands over the apartment removed by it, for example, for six thousand roubles a month. The advance payment for a year - 72 thousand roubles - settles in a pocket of the swindler moving in other city. Frequently these swindlers leave on the native land - for Moldova, Ukraine and others countries where you can find them as a needle in a haystack.


In a month the real owner of an apartment comes, he should deal with people approving, that they have paid for this apartment for a year.


Also can you can look through the newspaper of personals, that page on which are placed the announcements of girls working on a call and in-home. Clearly, it is not in an apartment where they live with mum and dad and, possibly, in yours, which you last week have handed over to young "married couple" where a role of the husband carried out absolutely extraneous man.


Advice is the following: if you have decided to rent the apartment, closely study documents of its owner, copy his data. But keep in mind, that the stamp about a registration to the given address can be counterfeit. The private detective cannot check up, what attitude to an apartment the person has.


Be vigilant, when hand over an apartment. Agree with neighbours, that they sometimes would inform you about people, who go to your apartment, whether tenants break a public order and silence. Such function is ordered willingly by pensioners and simply curious citizens.


According to Anatoliy's words, his services are accessible to people with average incomes. Payment in each case can be discussed, there are no strict quotations of "hour of shadowing - costs hundred dollars" type. But, in any case, it is better to take care of the safety in advance, better try to protect your life from troubles, than to employ a detective.

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