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The private security enterprise AKM-GROUP is engaged in private security and detective activity, rendering on a contractual basis of service to physical and legal persons, has the special sanction (license) of law-enforcement bodies, with a view of protection of legitimate rights and interests of the clients.

The activity of the security enterprise has the specificity as it is directed not only on liquidation of the arisen problems, but also on their prevention. For this purpose specialized knowledge are required, not all dangerous situations develop at once and under the precise scheme, at times it is necessary to foresee consequences. Proceeding from this, it is important to arrange a safety and to prevent development of threat initially; these are the basic functions of the security enterprise.

Honesty, decency and civilization of a society - are the best guards. But our society is only on its way to stable achievement of these ideals. It is a disputable reason, but still there are many people and even groups of people in our country, who are ready to break against these universal values. Anyhow, while the situation remains strained, your safety and safety of your property are under threat.

Our overall objective - is to protect you from these threats. Our values are - professionalism, self-feedback, unity and fidelity to the business. Our private security enterprise is a group of professionals, skilled, knowing and highly organized. Our employees have got the experience on service of special divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, the Ministry of Emergency Measures and Armed forces of the Russian Federation. Our collective renders services of protection to the most different organizations and persons, since 1999. Since 2005 our private security enterprise officially works under a common, registered name "AKM-Group". By this time we managed to get trust of many solid clients, and thus have proved ourselves to be the serious and respectable enterprise on the market.

«AKM-Group» renders different sorts of protective services. Our specialization includes protection of objects of any type and any level of complexity. We are ready to carry out any security task on the highest degree of quality and reliability. The number of our clients includes banks, networks of restaurants and cafe, cottage settlements, housing co-operatives, casino.

The experience of our firm speaks for itself. We guarantee quality of given services, and thus - safety of any object entrusted to us. We know, what the protection of objects should be , and know how to carry it out at a faultless level.

Our clients are always under reliable protection!!!

Yours faithfully,

General director of the private security enterprise
The colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in resignation
Sidorovich J.L

   Protection of objects

Before considering a question «How is protection of the enterprises and protection of offices carried out?» It is necessary to understand, «what is a protection of objects?» If you examine this question extensively - a protection of objects is a complex of actions to secure you, your business and your colleagues.


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