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Bodyguard, the security enterprise AKM-GROUP  

The majority of people associate the job bodyguard with a film with Kevin Costner. Alas, in a real life it is not at all that romantic: bodyguard of physical persons is heavy and at times even routine job. The bodyguard -is not a wizard and not a superman constantly ready to self-sacrifice. It is, first of all, carefully prepared professional capable to estimate threat to prevent it, and in case of danger - instantly to react and come to help. In the bodyguard's work, certainly, there is a place and to self-sacrifice, but necessity for it arises only when measures on prevention of an attack on the client have appeared ineffective, and the true professionals practically do not make such mistakes. Personal safety is, first of all, a real sight at world around, the sober estimation of original imaginary dangers and skill to neutralize threat before it becomes a problem.


Physical and combat training of bodyguards in our private security enterprise is on the highest level. Our employees are the skilled professionals earlier served in bodies of FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Measures and army special divisions. But we also give attention to tactic-strategic and moral and psychological preparation of the employees who are carrying out bodyguard of clients. Our bodyguards are not simply physically strong guys, ready to close the client behind themselves in case of danger. They are, on the one hand, competent operatives, capable to reveal potential threats and to eliminate them. On the other hand they are tactful and delicate people validly concerning private life of the client and secrets. Besides bodyguard from AKM-Group means full mutual trust between the protected person and the bodyguard - in fact the personal security guard, as well as the doctor, must possess all complex of the information to take adequate for well-being of the client of a measure.


Our bodyguards can be compared to the Japanese Samurais whose traditions we are studying. Here is what is written about this job in the ancient Japanese treatise about military valour «Budusesinsju»:

«If the soldier accompanies with master it is very important to address up to a decline with inquiries to local residents, and then to note for itself all nearby groves and hills, to define where and in what to the side from their dwellings there are open places. It is necessary to find out and what is a status of road in this place. In fact the duty of the Samurai in always to be vigilant, attentive and constantly to think only of how it is necessary to serve for his master».


As you can see, the principles of the correct organization of personal safety were known already in middle Ages. They remain constant to us in present days:

«Vigilance and vigilance, one more time»


Certainly, during some centuries much has had time to change, including the bodyguard: there was, on the one hand, a set of new potential threats; on the other - the numerous means allowing them effectively to resist. Our bodyguards constantly keep up all technical novelties applied to bodyguard of clients, and master them operatively.


Bodyguard from "AKM-GROUP" is a guarantee that there will be always a reliable, quiet and counterbalanced defender possessing instant, verified and exact reaction in any extreme situations near to you.

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