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Check of the personnel, personnel audit  

If 15-20 years ago domestic business could be compared to the front of military actions now all became much more civilized:  the gangster "roofs", armed "disassemblies" went away to the past... However, modern times together with external (alas only external) well-being have brought also new threats. If earlier business was, as a matter of fact, the open war for the property and profits now it can be compared to the cold war in which « fighters of invisible front » -the employees of security services of the various companies start to render the increasing influence. And on a cold war - as well as it is necessary on such war: business is entered with investigation and counter-espionage, and if one try to obtain the confidential commercial information at any cost, a task of others - to protect it.


And the most basic channel of outflow of such information - unfortunately, is the staff. Therefore duly and reliable check of the personnel is a paramount task which the security service of any company which does not wish to lose suddenly everything earned. In fact value of the information making a trade secret of the company, presently is difficult to overestimate: both competitors and various swindlers, and supervising bodies hunt for it. Because of its losses in some cases of the company, there is a great risk in general to stop the existence, and their owners and workers - to suffer huge damage.


 What the check of the personnel is necessary for? First of all - for prevention of penetration into the company of unreliable people, various criminal elements, and also recruitment of respectable employees by competitors or operatives of the state power structures and representatives of supervising bodies. Sociologists and psychologists have counted up, that about 10 % of adult people never and not under any circumstances are capable to make an illegal or immoral act. Approximately as much - 10 % will always make such acts and under any circumstances, without dependence from presence behind them the control. And here the others of 80 % can be inclined to antisocial, immoral and criminal behaviour only in the event that for this purpose corresponding conditions are created or there is a serious provocation. Therefore to recruit the employee and force to work for a competitor firm, unfortunately, not too difficultly.


Check of the personnel is also necessary to reveal such potential candidates on recruitment. As a rule, they are people with stains in their biography, either personal or material problems or lacks which can create such problems. Such lacks can be: narcotic or alcoholic abuses, pathological predilection for gambling or sexual entertainments. Everything, that can put the person in a heavy financial position due to which he becomes or is easily subject as payoff (a variant : to solve these problems), and blackmail (due to fear of the legend of the lacks of publicity). Duly check of the personnel allows to open secret obvious much earlier, than it will entail accident for the company. And it is possible to reveal problems not only at employees, but also at their relatives - often attachment to them pushes people on desperate steps.


Certainly, personnel safety is, first of all, a method of a "whip and gingerbread". In the company it is necessary to create such conditions for workers at which it will be immoral and unnatural to work on competitors or "to merge" the information in supervising bodies. They should understand, what even in case of material difficulties the company will help them first, having allowed a loan or the credit, and good work will be financially encouraged. Besides, it is very much recommended, that the payment of workers is in direct dependence on the general profit of a firm - in fact then the care of well-being of employers will be in their own interest. Certainly, all these methods work properly with people who live with moral foundations and do not have "problem" relatives. Therefore check of the personnel -is a necessary security measure.

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