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Our clients  

Our clients

Open Joint-Stock Company «Russian Railroads»

Open Joint-Stock Company «Russian Railroads» is one of the world major (in the top three) railroad companies with vast amounts of cargo and passenger transportation, high financial ratings, qualified specialists in all the spheres of railroad transportation, great scientific and technical basis, project and construction facilities, significant experience in international cooperation.

Our clients

« Bosch » Company

Presently Bosh Concern is one of the major producers of modern home appliances, it offers equipment for any everyday needs. Production is performed not only in Germany but also in other countries of the world. A distinguishing “firm” peculiarity of Bosh products are reliable engines, elaborated components of the design, and elegant style.

In Russia Bosch offers a wide range of high-quality products: from automobile spare parts, diagnostic equipment and electric tools to home appliances, security systems and industrial equipment. 

Our clients

« Panasonic » Company

Panasonic is the leading brand of Panasonic Corporation – one of the world leading electronics producers. Panasonic Corporation produces over 15 000 items of electronic goods and unites over 500 companies, plants and scientific centres throughout the world.

The slogan of Panasonic Company - «ideas for life» - stipulates development of concept ideas about the ways to improve the human life, to make it more comfortable, safe, intense and interesting. The company implements its ideas producing goods of widest assortment – audio- and video-electronics, information and communication equipment, appliances and parts – everything rising the quality of life.

Our clients

 « Siemens AG» Company

Siemens AG is a large international concern operating in the sphere of electro-technology and electronics, energy equipment, transportation engineering, medical equipment and light equipment as well as specialized services in various spheres of industry, transportation and communication. The headquarters are in Berlin and Munich.

Siemens AG Concern is represented in over 190 countries of the world. The company is among the leading companies and organization in width and geography of presence. By the results of 2006 financial year (from October 1, 2005 to September 30, 2006) the company turnover made 87,325 bln euros, with new orders portfolio 96,259 bln euros.

Our clients

« Procter & Gamble » Company

Having begun the activity in 1837 as a small family business, today the company presents to the market about 300 trade marks in over 160 countries of the world. The main direction of its activity are production of the goods with high consumer qualities in 5 major categories: cosmetics and perfume goods and the goods of personal hygiene, goods for house care, goods for health care, goods of family use and goods for child care as well as pet food.

Among the trade marks of the company there are such well known ones as Pampers, Tide, Ariel, Pantene, Always, Pantene, Mach3, Pringles, Lenor, Oral-B, Duracell, Olay, Head&Shoulders, Wella, Gillette, Braun and many others which have gained trust of the consumers throughout the world.

« SCA » Company

SCA is an international company producing the goods of mass consumption and paper goods. We develop, produce and sell the goods of personal hygiene, consumer paper, packing solutions, printing paper and firm timber in over 90 countries of the world.

SCA creates useful and consumer-valuable goods due to knowledge of the needs of the consumers, presence in regions and efficient production.

« ROCLA RUS »  Company

In December 2004 a new subsidiary structure "ROCLA RUS" LTD was founded. In the course of 2005 the business processes in "ROCLA RUS" LTD were brought into conformity with the corporate standards of Rocla Concern, Service facilities were strengthened, operative supply of spare parts was organized, serious requirements to presence of equipment and spare parts  availability at the warehouse were introduced, client oriented approach was introduced, permanent staff training is being performed.

"ROCLA RUS" company supplies modern intra-logistic solutions for such market sectors as ports, warehouse complexes, logistic and distribution centres, supermarkets, industrial companies, etc.

Our clients

« HONDA » Company

The history of Honda Company began from a small company producing motorcycles, today it is a leading producer selling 11 mln units of various products per year throughout the world – cars, motorcycles, power equipment. Honda has achieved record results in sales in recent years, and we have managed to keep the thigh level of products quality even in serial production. The quality the people trust.

For many corporations size is a key to survival, however, Honda is a company combining global activity and the quality of single-unit producer meeting the needs of our consumers to maximum. The ability to produce a high quality product with the flexibility, speed and efficiency of a small company and to have such major elements of a large company as global coverage and technological innovations allow the company move into the future and help to join efforts for solving global tasks.

Our clients

TV Channel « Zvezda (Star) »

TV Channel “Zvezda” first appeared on air on February 20, 2005 on 57 TVC in Moscow and Moscow oblast. In April 2006 it began network broadcasting across Russia.

Round-the-clock broadcasting list of the TV Channel «Zvezda» is filled with quality artistic films, foreign and domestic documentaries, direct air news editions, shows about Russian army, popular scientific, publicistic and children shows.

Presently the potential audience of the TV Channel “Zvezda” makes 68 847,36 thousand people, broadcasting coverage – 1 495 localities in 80 regions of Russia.

Our clients

The Bank of « Toyota »  Company

The highest quality makes the basis for popularity of Toyota as car producer. Toyota always strives for providing its clients the best goods and services in the market.

Toyota Financial Services Corporation. 100% shares of the company are owned by Toyota Motor Corporation.

The Bank specialization is the programs of retail auto-crediting for official dealers of Toyota and Lexus cars.

Toyota concern was the first among international car-producers to open its bank in Russia. The main aims of the CJSC “Toyota Bank” are to support sales of Toyota and Lexus cars and offering financial products of high quality expected by Toyota brand clients throughout the world. The headquarter is in Nagoya (Japan). Financial services of Toyota are available in over 90% of the territories where the products of the car-concern is officially represented.

Commercial Bank «Sovinkom»

The commercial bank "Soinkom" was founded on December 22, 1992 and began its activities in April 1993 (General License of the Central Bank of the RF № 2302).

In the course of its activity in the financial market the bank has proved to be  a partner of highest reliability and creditability. The bank balance currency on April 1, 2009 made 2 407,7 mln rubles, own capital - 319,5 mln rubles.

The commercial bank “Sovinkom” LTD serves such clients as structural organizations of the Ministry of Ministry of Roads, jeweler plants, enterprises for sale and exploitation of cars, organizations producing construction materials, producing and trading in oil products, agricultural enterprises dealing with production and trade in agricultural goods, representations of large foreign companies, tourist companies.

Our clients

Commercial Bank «ZAmoskvoretskii»

Since1991 the bank "Zamoskvoretskii" has been holding the position of a financial institute with stable development, always present in all the sectors of the financial market.

Having combined in its name respectability and traditions of am old Moscow district with the dynamics of inter-regional contacts, the bank has formed an out of ordinary way of economic thinking and approaches, denying clichés and stereotypes. The bank “Zamoskvoretskii” is always pen for a dialogue with clients and takes with respect your desires and requests.

Our clients

“Promtehgaz” Company

“Promtehgaz” Company has been working in the market of Moscow and Moscow oblast technical gazes supply market for over five years. Throughout all this period we have been growing and developing to maxim meet the requirements of our clients with the assortment of the supplied goods and services.

Today we work with all the range of technical gases: propane, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. And our specialists are able in short terms to resolve any your task connected with delivery, recharge and service of tanks for liquefied gas, both for industrial and everyday use. Our own technical base was created in such a way as to give you an opportunity to order all the equipment for gas welding, cutting and soldering in one place – our task is to kit and deliver your order strictly within the set term. НWe have at our base the equipment for repairing stop valve, scaffold bridge for discharge of non-evaporated wastes, warehouse complex and many more.

«Atol » Group of Companies

“ATOL” group of companies was created in 2001 as developer and supplier of the equipment and software for automation of enterprises. From the very beginning it has applied the highest requirements to quality, reliability and accuracy of the sold goods.

“ATOL” group of companies» holds leading position in the Russian market of automation of enterprises for trade, public catering and entertainment, chemists, gas stations, warehouses, production and services.  

Our clients

“Confael” Chocolate Company

“Confael” company is a chocolate factory producing  exclusive presents.

Recommendations on raw materials are provided to the company by the International Association of Cacao producers.

Chocolate presents by “Confael” company are of “Premium” and “Super Premium” class, and they are only produced from the chocolate of the highest quality.

The aim of the company is not just to produce tasteful chocolate of high quality but to create an absolutely new line in Russian confectionary industry – chocolate presents and goods for gourmet!

Language Center «New York »

"New York Language Center" founded in 1998 has become one of the most modern and respected centers of the English language in Moscow. "New York Language Center" is a recognized leader in English training. A large number of well-known companies have already assessed high quality services of our Center.

The honourable list of our clients includes major companies: «Lukoil», Wimm-Bill-Dann, RJSC «EES», Halliburton, Heitlich, Guta-Bank, bank «Rosevrodevelopment», «1С» Company, Tarkett, Air-company «Lufthanza», radio station «Europe Plus», TV-company «VID», MegaGroup and many others.

 Trading House « RusImport »

The company was founded in 1993. In 1998-99 it opened branches in 7 other cities. Presently the TH "RusImport" is a holding including over 52 autonomous branches across the Russian Federation and the CIS. The head office of the company is in Moscow, branch offices - in 28 largest cities of Russia.

The mission of the company is revival and development of high level wine trade in modern Russian society. Labour efforts of all the employees are intended to achieve the common goals of the company: strengthening and expansion of the company market position, sales technologies improvement and crease in client service quality, sustaining the company image as a reliable business partner.

The centre pf supplementary equipment installing « Winner-Auto » 

Since 1997 the company has been specializing installation of supplementary equipment on cars of foreign and domestic production. We offer to you the most modern and checked auto-equipment, wide range of which will allow to choose the optimum complex of additional equipping even to the most demanding client. Flexible pricing policy and vast assortment enables us serve the clients with cars beginning from econom to luxury class as well as exclusive cars.

Our clients

The Network of Entertainment Centres « GAME ZONA »

Network operator GAMEZONA is one of the leaders of Russian entertainment market.

Presently about 40 gaming zones and entertainment centres operate under the brand GAME ZONA or in cooperation with our company, 15 in Moscow and the oblast, the rest – in the regions. The number of the used equipment units is about 1500.

GAME ZONA has branches in Mytishi, Balashiha, St.Petersburg, Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Toliatti. GAME ZONA company has created and operates training centre for training of specialists; there is a service centre for equipment reparation; we have establishes supplies of the equipment of such companies as: Sega, Namco, Global VR, Andamiro, Konami, Subsino, Dynamo, Stern etc.

 Legal Company «Tvoi Vybor (Your Choice) »

Legal company "Tvoi Vybor" was founded in 2003. It is already more than 5 years that our company renders various legal and accounting services. In particular, we provide legal consultancy to our clients. We also perform high quality professional audit.

Whatever problem you might have, whether it is liquidation or you might need to get working permission – with “Tvoi Vybor” company you may be sure about successful result. An important direction in our activity is arbitration. For enterprises and organizations with various forms of property we offer accounting services. All the clients of “Tvoi Vybor” company may be sure in reliability and legitimacy of the received services. It is proved by long-standing experience of our firm, its fame and reputation.  

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