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Detective services of the PSC AKM-Group, service of detectives  

The Detective Agency AKM-Group – consists in operational department with the specialists of highest qualification, each of them has possibility to cooperate with the state bodies, which ensures excellent results in resolving task of varying complexity. It is a real fact that information is of crucial importance in the work of security service as well as following analysis of the received data, operative reaction to the changes of the situation. In some cases it can be of vital importance.

Rather often criminals use operational methods for receiving the necessary data for preparation of attempts, burglary, etc. Our task is to prevent the crime. Also our department successfully counteracts industrial espionage, preserving the integrity of the enterprise and commercial secrets. There are cases when detective services are necessary in private life as well.


Detective agency AKM-Group renders services both to legal and physical entitites.

Legal Entitites:

  • Investigation of thefts
  • Checking partners
  • Staff check
  • Information collecting
  • Premises control for presence of tapping devices
  • Complex security ensuring

 Physical entities:

  • Search for stolen cars
  • Search for missing people
  • Check of real estate
  • Family relations
  • Finding the location by the IP address


Detective. Paper best-seller of a mysterious Mr. X in black?

Why the genre of literature advertising the services of detectives is so popular and attracts people of various social backgrounds? Is the life of a detective so mysterious, what are the real activities of a detective agency?

The human psycho works in such a way that a person does not think about the ways of a problem resolving before such a problem appears. Should it be otherwise, the humanity would have lost the mind long ago and would have ceased its more or less quiet existence.

There are the spheres of life where the Homo Sapiens has to learn the rules of “fight”. Accumulating material wealth a rare person gives a real thought to the fact what he is going to do if, for example, his car is stolen. Stereotype way of thinking will send him to militia to write a claim. This is what he learned at school, this is the trace laid in his memory. The efficiency of such a crime solving and search for a missing car by the state bodies is minimal.

Being a private business a detective agency allows increase in probability of success. Here the cooperation is not with officials but with people, whose work is to render paid services. And it is known that payment is the most powerful stimulus.

Detective services may be necessary in most various situations: beginning from family life and ending with tracing unfair business partners. Nobody knows what should a PSF detective be look like, and what will be his or her next disguise, a business lady or botany student. Due to this a detective agency has undoubtful and strong advantage over state bodies – it is invisible for stereotype mind of the public.

What a lady in elegant attire accompanies that gallant gentleman… Why are they together? Why is he not in the office? So, the husband deceived me all that time, did he not?

The services of a detective help to dispel all the doubts or think over the prospects of the relations development; find missing property or people, timely prevent possible breakdown of a business agreement and much more. The basis for perfect activity of a professional detective agency is technical and intellectual facilities.

One can try to start private practice – become a private detective. But for this youthful ardor, a car and records of the film “the detective agency “The Moonlight” are not enough. Expertise in criminology, psychology of communication and peculiarities of investigation and tracing, – one has nothing to do in this sphere without a long-standing experience. High qualification is reached through years of experience, intuition here plays just secondary role. A PSF detective acts legally with full confidentiality, reliably with the skills of reaching the psychological mood of a person.

There are such spheres of human activity where only few people have a chance to become professionals. In most cases they are just dim dreams from the childhood – to become a cosmonaut or to save the world. When a person suddenly hinds himself in need of detective services, he should understand that their price is justified by professionalism and efficiency. And the aim to pursue does not matter, should it be business intelligence or informational services, biography check or corporate investigation. The main point here is quality approach and efficiency.

The service of a detective help putting dots over all Is. Btu one should remember – looking for the truth one should ask himself is he ready to accept the truth as it is.

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