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Face-control in club, restaurant  

Face-control: who’s the next

Club business is the earning on vanity fair. The price range hitting the clouds is only justified if the entrance into the club is pressed by the line of those willing to get inside. The major role in keeping the club status set as a bar by its founders is the club face-control. Are people ready to pay to turn their reality into a magazine cover? Demand rives rise to supply.

Mr.Minaev wrote that club attendees may be divided into those who are able to pay much money but, in this connection, have lost interest in it, and those who are able to inspire payable clients to such deeds. These are the categories of “cash-boxes” and “predators”, who disdain neither flesh nor greens.

Self-confident men not neglecting modern achievements of light industry but with noticeable to experienced eye «tokens» are filtered from the surrounding empty ore. «Predators» are seen from a distance with a bare eye. They get everything to show, everything says for itself: clothes, shoes and unbelievably large and tender... eyes. To be true, we should note that in certain clubs the club face-control tries to timely detect such girls with large luring eyes who turned their private life setting into a safari, to protect their regular and in all senses dear clients from these languishing species.

The club face-control is more loyal the lower level the club is. The places where paying ability is appreciated higher than the image of the name of the club will be more willing to turn blind eye to untidy or out-of-format appearance… However, with all the importance of revenue for the owners of the club, potential scandal-makers and debauchee are not allowed.

Such people rest turns to be too costly for the club itself, thus, the club face-control screen out large groups of young men without girls, and «mountaineers» and «southerners» draw close attention and often receive resolute “NO”. Those who have managed to gain a fame of an amateur to sublimate in overfree way their labour or not quite strain through buzzing as well as marked as persona non-grata have to go away in search for a simple place. Face-control in a restaurant is necessary and justified.

The information about the restaurant or club should spread like circles on the water surface- wider and wider – among those willing to recreate. But the real doves carrying the olive branch of news about the fashionable place and the restaurant face control are neither “cash-boxes” nor “predators” but inveterate party-goers, real night-birds. They are rarely really moneyed – their real value is the fact that they are ideological engines in their circles. These «little bats» are always in the course of all affairs, events and prices. A club face control always welcomes these tasters of night delicacies. They are a kind of restaurant critics but unlike those they pass their reviews not only through press but via the most reliable and trust-worthy way, through the word of mouth.

Screening of visitors has many nicities. Here are of importance both working experience and living habitat of «joes of face-control».For such a work one should be a skilled psychologist able to immediately detect the personalities and they also should have strong and stable psychics. To hold back the crowd and explain to hysterics and neurotics why they have been classified this evening as “lower class” and sent to the life back-yard one should have great force and patience. There is no club-owner who would have fight at the entrance in his business development plan.

Summarizing we can say that face-control service is a very specific thing requiring skills and knowledge not so easy to acquire. Few people are willing to share the know-how – how to distinguish «the right» from «the wrong». However, club and restaurant face-control rises and keeps at a right level the name and the reputation of the place and, like any overcomable obstacle, the club face-control raises the desire of any ambitious clubber to overcome it.

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