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MIA, DES, ACEC, ATP, DCEC, ED The Private Security Firm «АКМ-Group» legal department employs the lawyers with the working experience from the divisions of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MIA), City Administration of Interior Affairs (CAIA), Administration of Interior Affairs (AIA), Department of Interior Affairs (DIA), Department of Economic Security (DES),  Administration for Combating Economic Crimes (ACEC), Taxation Police Administration (TPA), Emergency Department (ED), Federal Service for Migration (FSM), Federal Taxation Service (FTS), Inspectorate of the FTS (IFTS). They, like nobody else know the peculiarities of the work of these services from inside. Due to the accumulated in these services experience, regular following the amendments into the legislation as well as the new trends regulating the activity we are able to be efficient and fast in helping you both in some specific cases and on regular basis.

It is well known that police of taxation bodies officials coming into the territory of a company is a bad sign as a rule. The visitors seize documents and computers, not always in a polite way, they ask tricky questions to the staff and the administration of the company. The company employees get nervous, the activity of the company turns into turmoil, the clients and partners fearing “questions” to them bring cooperation to a close. «Valiant» fiscal bodies, as usual, find faults with your activity meaning charges, additional taxation fees, suspension of the company activity, criminal prosecution…

  The reasons for such involvement may vary, often they are scheduled controls, those by claims and complaints of dissatisfied citizens, sometimes it may be an “order” from a competitor or raider attack, there are also often cases of corrupted officials abuses.

Some entrepreneurs prefer to pay-off on spot having no idea that they are just being had. Not many of these businessmen really give a good thought to their decision to resolve the issue on spot, they just do not know that Art. 291 of the RF Criminal Code stipulates criminal prosecution for bribe to an official with up to 8 years imprisonment.  

Do not linger, make sure to address our specialists in cooperation with the MIA, CAIA, AIA, DIA, DES,  ACEC, DCEC, TPA, ED, FSM, FTS, IFTS. Timely intervention of our employees may have serious impact upon the undue ardor of he controllers, since they have to communicate with the qualified specialists trained in the appropriate area of law. In 99 % cases of your communication with the controlling bodies we are able to render you practical aid and protect your business.
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