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http://www.akmgroup.ru/uploads/download_images/ap_polygraph_071212_mn.jpgOur specialists will develop a program for individual research based upon the aims and objectives of every particular case. Polygraph forecasts accuracy is very high.

If the questionnaire is made up correctly, the probably to get trustworthy information reaches 95%.

Polygraph is actively used in major companies and special services for employees check at selection, official check for honesty, investigation of thefts and other crimes where there are suspects.

O Polygraph, tell me the truth
And bitter truth makes heart feel lousy.
A bit of lies gives sweetness though...
We all accept that staff of sweet,
While bitter one is all refused.
(с) torsil

The lie was born together with us. Every moment it helps us to get out of difficult situation, sometimes saving life, family happiness and business position. But there are moments when the truth is of vital importance and nothing can withstand it. And here comes the aid of polygraph or lie detector. What is it, this mysterious Mr. X? Invented in 1921 by the American John Larson, polygraph became a technological quintessence of millennium-long human experience in the search for the truth. Do you remember «X-files» and the phrase «The truth is somewhere nearby»? From the time of the device invention this is the question asked by criminologists and deceived wives, employers and special services.

The history prior to polygraph invention was rich in popular ways of finding the guilty. Their basis was mostly formed by elementary physiology of a human, the properties of which under stress situation are expressed in a certain way: cease in salivation, strong sweating, emotional strain, elevation of the pulse, and change in body temperature. Polygraph has managed to do what Torquemada inquisition and Beria torture chamber failed to do – to find the truth, to determine the degree of sincerity. But people learn to deceive even this seemingly perfect device; some even manage to do it.

And the algorithm of actions here is absolutely simple – one does not need to say lies but speak about the facts that cannot be checked. With original and operative thinking, good memory and actor abilities, it is possible to deceive polygraph, but in practice probability percentage is miserable.

Involuntary body reactions can hardly be caught with bare eye while polygraph with its technical “intuition” allows detecting the interior conflict in the person. Creation of the most expressive reactions with help of critical questions allows approaching 100 % probability in the truth detection. Polygraph check is not just a set of technical actions, it is, first of all, a psychological experiment.

The efficiency of such a moral execution depends on the ability of polygraph specialist to create the atmosphere where the tested person could «expose himself», so that later, during just 15 minutes to fix physiological indices. It is not polygraph but specialist that gives the reliable results. The search for the truth is an opposition. Polygraph check is similar to the fear of medics and their white robes. Associativity of human mind makes people facing the lie detector incite to the idea that the truth will be revealed anyway. That is why, depending on specific aims, the person will be offered several «pictures» of the event.

The first, we will find out the truth anyway. The second: natural comfortable conditions for determining a complete objectivity. Polygraph helps not only to detect “odd and even” in the search for the truth, but also determine the professional fitness of a person which often affects personal and public safety. It is an ideal possibility to control the psychological climate in the team and bring possible risks to minimum. Polygraph allows to determine:

  • Truthfulness of the provided facts
  • Presence of harmful addictions and real state of health
  • Peculiarities of psycho

Knowledge of these indices allows forecasting possible reactions of the person to the specific working or life situations, including reaction to stress.

The Human is the top of the nature, but the ideal key to his has already been found – the polygraph.

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