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Protection of banks  

Protection of banks is one of the most responsible directions in the activity of PSE "AKM-GROUP", as the huge volumes of money and material assets which simply should attract criminal encroachments are concentrated in financially-credit institutions. Hence, we protect banks with special carefulness and applying various hi-tech gadgets.


System engineering of safety of bank should be built on two basic directions. The first one - is the organization of effective physical protection of financial resources, material assets and employees. The second one - is the organization of unapproachable system of information safety. The modern bank is no more only "cash", it is a hardware-software complex of electronic calculations and data storage after all.


The system of physical protection, in our understanding, consists in the protection of the bank and its employees by our armed and prepared employees, and in interaction of all possible technical gadgets. The last one includes: various monitoring systems, the account and access restriction, and also video-fixing and documenting of all event. We protect with the following principle: beginning with a surrounding territory and finishing with storehouses of money and values, - plural systems of protection and supervision are established. Capacity and inaccessibility of such systems increase in the direction from periphery to the centre.


Even before the installation of such technical protection frames, it assumes revealing all probable ways of penetration of malefactors on the object. Besides, physical protection should provide presence of especially steady communication system of all divisions (usually it becomes duplicated). The special attention at the protection organization is given to motor transport of these financial institutions and their workers: the database of vehicles should be created by which entrance on protected territory is resolved, and the time of their arrival and departure should be fixed strictly (that especially concerns collector motor vehicles).


The safety of the information is presently not less, and sometimes - even more important, than the physical one. The world criminal statistics shows, that approximately half of plunders of money resources at banks and their clients occurs no more by means of a robbery or theft, but by applying of the information technologies presently. Therefore, the modern concept of safety should provide effective protection of servers, communication lines and cash dispenses. All possible channels of leak of the confidential information which accounts, in particular, passwords and pin-codes of clients and employees, and also technologies of work of settlement systems should be revealed and eliminated. The protection of the banks' information assumes also the protection of cash dispenses and communication systems with the main server from the installation of tiny devices for reading of the information from credit cards of clients by criminals, and the interception of the data passed by the communication lines.  Video-fixing systems also are established in cash dispenses.


If it is necessary, our armed experts carry out support of collector motor transport and physical protection of both: the transported values, and the workers.

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