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Protection of the office by the security enterprise AKM-GROUP  

Protection of the office is not just a question of prestige of a firm; it is a vital condition of its existence. If it is organized correctly and professionally it is possible to be quiet both for comfort of work of the personnel and for safety of material and information values.


Abroad for a long time, it is already accepted to use concept « system of safety », meaning the complex approach to a problem and complex means of its decision - both technical, and organizational. The global practice has shown that only such method it is possible to prevent, reveal and liquidate effectively consequences of any kinds of threats to the work of a business concern.


Overall objectives to which such complex system of safety serves is a maintenance of stable work of office, preventive maintenance of any potential threats, protection of legitimate interests of firm against encroachments of criminals, creation safe for health and a life of employees of operating conditions, preventive maintenance of plunders of money and values, damage or destruction of property of the company, not authorized legend of publicity, loss or distortion of the confidential working information, maintenance of rhythm of manufacture, including computer technical equipment.


Unfortunately, even experts do not always understand, how it is important, to create complex system of safety to reflect all spectrum of possible threats for office and business as a whole. Frequently unsuccessful influence on it is rendered with the previous service activity of the head, who is responsible for work of security service. For example, the former worker of bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for certain will pay attention more to protection against criminal elements and economic safety, neglecting fire-prevention measures and threats of various technogenic accidents. On the contrary, the former employee of the Ministry of Emergency Measures can perfectly take care of fire safety of office, but not consider all the latent opportunities for plunders. Meanwhile, narrow structure in the organization of system of safety could become very expensive: for example, only in 1995 one of the largest Russian banks twice (in February and March) has incurred huge losses from fires at the offices. Therefore the complex system of safety should oppose any kind of threats in advance thought over adequate answer.


Engineering protection - effective means of complex safety on which organization in many respects quality of work of all divisions is depended. Protection of office - not that clause of charges on which it would be necessary to save, but correct decisions in the field of engineering protection are capable to save up including considerable financial assets.


How is engineering protection of office built? First of all, the protected object should be divided into boundaries of protection and strictly differentiated zones of the admission precisely.


Boundaries of protection. It is usually an external perimeter of object, with its territory, a building   and various premises in these buildings. The last, in their turn, should be precisely divided on service, important and especially protected premises.



As if to the zones of the admission, as a rule, there are three of them:

  • The first - is a zone of an easy approach where visitors of the office and clients of a firm have the right to enter.
  • The second - is a zone of the limited access (usually it includes premises where only workers of the enterprise are supposed to be, and entrance for the strangers is forbidden).
  • The third- is a zone of access for separate persons (usually the given zone includes cash department where people work with money resources, and service cabinets of directors).

Certainly, the premise of each zone of access should have an individual level of protection. It is determined by special documents and rules which are developed by the chief of security service and are approved by the director of a firm.


Charging a management of maintenance of complex safety of office, undoubtedly,  is possible only for the professional in this area. Heads of security service are obliged to trace constantly all risks and in due time develop effective scripts of actions in critical situations and minimization of losses at their occurrence.

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