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Protection of property, houses in cottage settlements  

«My house - is my fortress» - this simple, but the wise formula deduced by English aristocrats many centuries ago, reflects the desire of each person which has any property, to provide its safety with a guarantee. In fact the damage which can be rendered to your dwelling, can be not only material (malefactors will either steal or spoil property), but also moral - there are things which do not represent value in money, but are boundlessly dear to the owners as a memory.


The organization of complex protection of houses or cottages can be divided into two stages conditionally. The first is a revealing of risks which can threaten the dwelling. The second - is a direct planning and carrying out of actions on protection.


The first stage is much more important, than it can seem.  It is necessary to determine the degree in which your dwelling will be protected, and the adequate sum which you could spend for protection of the house. On the other hand it is extremely important to reveal directions from which threat can proceed and is competent build measures on protection. For different types of houses they are various: in fact safety of a cottage is influenced with set of various factors. The main one is a place of its arrangement: city territory, near to city or in the remote housing estate. It is very important to consider presence or absence of a telephone line in the house. Even more important, how often the owners are there: live constantly, only for summer period or just come to have a rest in the days off.  In all set forth above cases, actions on protection of the house will be various.


The task of protection of a cottage essentially becomes simpler, if there is a telephone line in it , and the object is near to city. In this case an ideal variant -is the installation of the security signal system. In case of non-authorized penetration, the signal acts on the board of the person on duty of security firm, and security guards come to a place of incident in few minutes, practically not leaving any chance to the malefactor. And if the house is far behind city feature, the signal system will be poorly useful: on such distance security guards simply will not have time to arrive in time. In this case it is necessary to apply measures of physical safety to protect the house: to create absolute obstacles to criminals. They are: reliable high fences, metal gates, lattices on all windows and, certainly, well protected metal entrance door. Certainly, it should be also competently installed. Fastening of a door box to a wall is carried out by means of steel probes not less than 10 mm in diameter and not less than 120 mm in depth.


Some owners do not accept lattices at windows at all. In that case it is possible to apply a special protective cover which is pasted on glass. It makes glass heavy-duty, and it is capable to sustain even rather strong impacts. But while using it, it is necessary to watch closely that it has covered all surface and reliably fastened to a frame.


During houses' protection the systems of supervision with video-fixing an event, the signal system on whole perimeter of the ground area, and also various gauges - both in the house and on its site have perfectly proved also. The light and sound signals joining at penetration on a site are perfectly frightening off the malefactors. If your cottage is in settlement or country company, that in the effective and economic way of protection of houses is association of their owners and the conclusion of the collective agreement with the security enterprise on the organized protection of all settlement. By the way, special, economic enough tariffs for similar associations exist in the majority of security firms.


We are sure, that with our help your house, a summer residence or a cottage will be in full safety and under reliable protection.

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