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Protection of a warehouse by the security enterprise of AKM-GROUPS  

Protection of warehouses - a difficult task. Before taking such object under protection, experts of the security enterprise should investigate carefully its disposition and the device, places of possible intrusion of extraneous persons, specificity of the goods kept in a warehouse and structure of the personnel. After that it is necessary to be defined with security systems and to make their installation. And only then it is possible to take up protection of the property of the client.


The most widespread and necessary means of safety  in any warehouse are the gauges of opening of doors and windows, detectors of a smoke and heat, system of video observation, «disturbing buttons», systems of wire and radio communications, videophones, systems of remote opening of a transport gate and doors, another special gadgets. Only at its presence it is possible to speak about a due safety of protected object.


However even the most perfect means can become useless expensive "toys" if not to give proper attention to the human factor. Any professional security enterprise carefully studies first of all the personnel of the object for revealing among workers of persons with the criminal or suspicious past, estimates properly operative conditions around of protected object, spends preventive maintenance of plunders from its values. However it is necessary to remember that the reason of huge losses can be not only criminal encroachments on the property, but also usual laziness, poor organization and negligence. Preventive maintenance of these phenomena also should be paid the most steadfast attention to. The special attention should be given and to maintenance of a public order and industrial discipline in territory of the entrusted object, in fact there where drunkenness among the personnel prospers and there are extraneous persons, it is practically impossible to provide safety of property.


For carefully selected and checked up professionals, whom employees of our firm are, will not make a problem how to hold all necessary preparatory measures, and directly to carry out protection of the entrusted object. Certainly, to make it is better cooperating with the client, easier speaking - seeing its desire to assist the employee of the security enterprise to provide its safety. To advice of professionals it is desirable to listen; in fact it is clear, that the best security systems will be powerless, if the owner of the property neglects elementary safety rules. And only in cooperation, under condition of performance of all recommendations of experts it is possible to guarantee the full absence of unpleasant unexpectedness on protected object in future.


Professional protection of a warehouse means not only a prevention of penetrations of extraneous persons on its territory. Thus employees of the security enterprise carry out constant patrolling territory of object, survey basement and garrets of a protected building.  The check mode will be organized on object, careful account of arrival and departure of the personnel and prevention of not authorized carrying out of values conducted by workers and visitors. On a case of emergencies the group of immediate reaction will be ready to come if the emergency call arrive from a warehouse. And, under round-the-clock supervision undertakes not only a warehouse, but also territory adjoining to them and, certainly office premises if they there any such available.


All events on object are fixed both in special magazine, and by means of different gadgets, in particular – video-recordings of systems of supervision (it allows not only to establish guilty but also to prove its fault in court, in case of attempt of not authorized penetration on object). On weekends and holidays, and also in a non-working time access of the personnel on a warehouse, in coordination with the owner of protected property, can be limited in full or in part.


Certainly, the activity of the security enterprise in a warehouse is not limited only to protection of property. Employees of security service are obliged to care as well about lives and health of heads and the personnel of protected object, to make various preventive actions - both anti-criminal and fire-prevention, antiterrorist character, instruct the personnel about rules of safe work and many other things.

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