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The services given by the private security enterprise  

1. Security services

  • Protection of trading enterprises
  • Protection of the food enterprises and the entertaining centers
  • Protection of  Business-centers
  • Protection of the industrial enterprises
  • Protection of objects of construction
  • Protection of banks
  • Protection of objects of a hotel-tourist complex
  • Protection of inhabited sector
  • Protection of cottage settlements

2. Consulting services

Experts of our security enterprise are ready to render consulting services concerning personal and corporate safety.

3. Bodyguard

Bodyguard became an integral part of our life. People who at any moment will guard the protected person, will be so close to you and at the same time invisible (when you would like to be alone or stay with your close people), they will strictly observe confidentiality of the information


4. Services of a detective

AKM-GROUP has an opportunity to provide your safety in a complex, in some situations an approach of unpleasant consequences of illegal activity of interested persons and structures could be prevented in advance, even before the succession of events. We resort to the help of the qualified experts in the field of detective activity for this purpose .

5. Services of a polygraph (lie detector)

To check the personnel for trust, illegal activity, other interesting data, AKM-GROUP applies system of testing with use of a modern polygraph (lie detector). Reliability of received data makes from 60 up to 80 %.

6. Development and installation of systems of safety

The private security enterprise "AKM-GROUP" offers services on creation of modern complex systems of safety for various objects with application of the newest domestic and import equipment:

  • Designing and installation of modern systems of the security signal system, allow to protect your object from not authorized access with a high degree of efficiency. The designed security system is established independently and completed with various gauges and gadgets, allows to solve problems of any complexity;
  • Designing and installation of video observation systems help to control the street objects and office premises. Systems allow conducting supervision, to carry out round-the-clock record, and also to carry out sentry function under condition of installation of the detector of movement;
  • System engineering of the control of access and audio-video-door intercommunication systems for office premises, entrances of residential buildings, and also individual projects for an apartment and staircases of the general use;
  • The installation of mini-АТС, selector communication and other low-current networks and electric systems of low power in the office. Cost of installation works makes 20 % and more, from the cost of the equipment (depending on complexity of works).

7. Legal services

There is the qualified legal service in a private security enterprise "AKM-GROUP", having a wide experience of the decision of questions on legal maintenance of safe activity the enterprise and actively works on a legal protection of interests of clients. Our legal service also conducts reference work under the legislation and statutory acts, prepares the conclusions on the legal questions arising in activity of the enterprises, gives consultations under the current legislation, and also prepares the conclusions on organizational-legal and other legal issues, assists in official registration of papers and acts of property - legal character.

8. Auditor services

With a view of increase of the service level offered to our clients, "AKM-GROUP" renders services on audit of the enterprises by professional auditors.

Obligatory audit is spent for confirmation of conformity of the accounting reporting of the organizations to the standard requirements. The given type of checking is held under the initiative of a management of the organization.

The amount of sites of the account which are exposed to audit, varies proceeding from scales of the organization, frequently, check is directed on ascertaining of reliability of separate clauses of balance and the other reporting.

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